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Training your workforce is your best line of defence

The cyber threat market generates over $1.5 trillion annually for cybercriminals. One click on a suspicious email link, or attachment is all it takes to put your company at risk.

The time to act is now, not after an attack

An average person typically needs information repeated seven times to remember it. The same principle applies to cybersecurity awareness training. Our award-winning security team has carefully curated the Konica Minolta Cybersecurity Awareness Training program that includes:

  • Customized training modules based on phishing simulation results
  • Role or job function-driven training
  • Engaging, gamified content
  • Timely performance reporting through built-in analytics
Let's talk about your cybersecurity training needs.

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Fortify Your Frontline with Customized Employee Cybersecurity Awareness Programs

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CS Awareness Training Focus LP 1 Block 2 CEN-2
CS Awareness Training Focus LP 1 Block 3 CEN-2
CS Awareness Training Focus LP 1 Block 4 CEN-2

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